Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")
Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")



March 2011

Through partnership and collaboration with the Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority (AAEPA), V-SAFE conducted the 2011 Baseline Study to determine the causes of ambient air pollution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   


April 2013


The 2011 Baseline Study found that improperly functioning gasoline-fueled vehicles (due to old age, lack of preventive maintenance, poor repair procedures, lack of competent technicians training institutions, etc.) to be one of the major sources of ambient air pollution in Addis Ababa.  V-SAFE presented the findings and recommendations of the 2011 Baseline Study to the following organizations:  


Ethiopian Ministry of Environment and Forest (formerly known as Ethiopian Federal Environmental Protection Authority)

Ethiopian Federal Transport Authority

Addis Ababa City Administration Road and Transport Bureau

Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority

Addis Ababa University – Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT)

Strategic Climate Institutions Programme (SCIP)

The Royal British Embassy

The USA Embassy

Forum for the Enviornment


Please read the executive summary of the gasoline-fueled vehicle baseline study at the bottom of this page.


November 2013 to March 2016


Through partnership and collaboration with the AAEPA, V-SAFE implemented each of the following four (4) recommendations of the 2011 Baseline Study with a grant from the SCIP:

  1. Public Awareness – on the health and environmental risks of automotive-caused air pollution by using various mass media outlets and an instrumented public relations (PR) vehicle for public outreach vehicle inspections and repair (I&R) events.  V-SAFE also organized workshops for important government actors, private, civic and humanitarian organizations, high schools, Addis Ababa Technology Institution, and influential stakeholders to address vehicle-caused emissions.

2. Capacity Building – instituted training for government and privately employed engineers and automotive technicians on automotive engine diagnostics & repair (AED&R) and automotive emissions control systems (AECS) technologies.


3. Pilot Inspection & Maintenance Program – developed and implemented project design and methodology targeting 25% of the taxicabs/mini-buses and government-owned vehicle fleet to minimize a projected 25% of vehicle-caused emissions in Addis Ababa.


4. Diesel Study - conducted a study on diesel-fueled vehicle emissions to quantify the contribution of diesel emissions to the ambient air pollution in Addis Ababa.   Please read the executive summary of the diesel-fueled vehicle baseline study.

Executive Summary
The Effect of Gasoline-Fueled.pdf
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Executive Summary
The Effect of Diesel.pdf
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