Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")
Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")

About Us

Who We Are


V-SAFE is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation defined as a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. V-SAFE's impact is made possible by generous public donations and the invaluable dedication and expertise provided by our team of skilled professional staff and volunteers committed to serving the mission of V-SAFE. 


Our Purpose

V-SAFE devotes specialized expertise to conduct research studies in the area of vehicle-caused emissions and provide awareness to the public and interested groups on the health risks associated with uncontrolled motor vehicle emissions in Ethiopia. By advancing this mission, V-SAFE strives to establish a long-lasting coordinated effort to reduce motor vehicle-caused emissions for the benefit of the people and environment of Ethiopia.  

Our History


V-SAFE emerged in response to a problem identified by its founding member during his first visit to his birthland of Ethiopia after over 20 years of living and working abroad in America. Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, he immediately noticed the pervasive dark plumes of smoke emitting from the exhaust pipe of almost each vehicle in the city. He was disturbed to observe people inattentively inhaling these emissions and carrying on with daily life in the middle of such pollution. During his stay, he increasingly became concerned about this health and environmental issue. He was especially moved to action after witnessing young children playing soccer in the city on open spaces adjecent to streets with high traffic-generated emissions and having trouble breathing.  


As a seasoned mechanical engineer in America specializing in air-quality control for over 25 years, this was an issue that he could not easily ignore. Soon after, he began exploring ways in which he could raise awareness and contribute his skills to providing a solution to this problem in Ethiopia. Ultimately, he believed that he was called to respond to the problem by lending his extensive air-quality control expertise to bring critical awareness to the health and environmental risks of uncontrolled motor vehicle emissions in Ethiopia. In December 2008, he founded V-SAFE along with the support of his fellow engineering colleagues to help address and bring awareness to this concern.


Our Accomplishments


Since its formation, V-SAFE has achieved significant accomplishments in the advancement of its mission. In 2011, V-SAFE collaborated with the Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority (AAEPA) to conduct a research study on the baseline level from gasoline-fueled motor vehicle emissions in Addis Ababa. This was the first-ever research study of its kind. In 2012, together with AAEPA, V-SAFE published the final report entitled "The Effect of Gasoline-fueled Motor Vehicle emissions on Air Pollution in Addis Ababa: Baseline Study."


In 2013, V-SAFE successfully presented the findings and recommendations of the Baseline Study to various Ethiopian governmental agencies, including the Federal Environmental Protection Authority (currently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Forests), AAEPA, the Federal and Addis Ababa Road and Transport Authority, and other interested environmental groups and stakeholders in Addis Ababa.  


Since 2013, V-SAFE has collaborated with AAEPA and other government agencies to take measurable steps on some of the recommendations of the Baseline Study. Here are some of the areas of focus:


  1. Raising public awareness through media and public outreach demonstrations on the health risks of uncontrolled vehicle emissions 
  2. Providing capacity building to government technicians on emission control technologies (ECS) and automotive diagnostic repairs
  3. Designing an Inspection & Maintenance Program (I/M)
  4. Quantifying diesel-powered motor vehicle emissions 


V-SAFE continues to strive to achieve long-lasting accomplishments in the advancement of its mission to reduce vehicle-caused emissions in Ethiopia and will remain committed to this mission for the future to come.


From November 2013 to March 2016 (for two (2) years and four (4) months) V-SAFE through partnership and collaboration with the Addis Ababa Enviornmental Authority (AAEPA) worked on a project called "Vehicle Emissions Reduction in Addis Ababa" Project VERA to implement the four major recommendations of the 2011 Baseline Study.  To implement Project VERA, V-SAFE received funding from the Strategic Climate Institutions Program (SCIP).  Please Click here to watch a video clip of Project VERA (this video clip is narrated in Amharic and was produced by "Akirma" - "Forum for Enviornment). 


Our Supporters


Our vast network of interested stakeholders and supporters continues to grow. Here is a list of some: 


Strategic Climate Institutions Program (SCIP)

UK Department for Institutional Development (DFID)

The Royal Norwegian Embassy

The Royal Danish Embassy

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Forests

Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Authority 

Addis Ababa Road & Transport Authority

University of Addis Ababa -- Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) 

Bethel Evangelical Church in Sacramento, California

...and many more individual contributors!



Support Us

As a non-profit organization, we obtain support to serve the public solely from donations provided by interested and engaged partners who wish to advance our organizational mission of reducing vehicle-caused emissions in Ethiopia. Whether donations in the form of cash, test equipment, or personal expertise, if you wish to support and become a part of this grand organizational mission, we encourage you to contact us. 


V-SAFE is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


Please make checks payable to:

Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia (V-SAFE)

P.O. Box 293715
Sacramento, CA 95829 


United States:

+1 (916) 662-0536


+251 932-29-81-40


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