Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")
Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE")


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Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia ("V-SAFE") is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization committed to reducing vehicle-caused emissions in Ethiopia through the transfer of specialized expertise, technical skills, and know-how to Ethiopian government agencies, academic institutions, and other interested stakeholders free of charge. With the support of investors and governmental partners, the vision of V-SAFE is to create a long-lasting vehicle emissions reduction effort for the benefit of the people and environment of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia is on the brink of tremendous industrial growth and transformation. Ethiopia has commendably embarked upon the development of a green economy strategy to achieve middle-income status of Ethiopians by 2025 based on carbon-neutral growth. By providing well-tailored solutions to target uncontrolled motor vehicle emissions, there are promising opportunities to realize immediate sustainability measures thereby supporting the green economy strategy of growth in Ethiopia.


Ultimately, we believe that our commitment to the timely issue of addressing motor vehicle emissions in Ethiopia has the potential to not only promote the health, environment, and development of Ethiopia, but to also positively impact the environment of the world in which we all live.   


We invite you to browse our website and literature to learn more about the meaningful and exciting work we are accomplishing for this cause.


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Listen to a recently recorded interview of V-SAFE founder and Chief Engineer with a "Deutsche Welle" reporter regarding the ever-worsening vehicle-caused ambient air pollution in Addis Ababa, please Click here to listen to the interview (it is in Amharic).   


V-SAFE is in partnership with a USA-based company named "Infrared Industries".  This company is a leading manufacturer of small, handheld (portable) vehicular exhaust emissions measuring instruments. Because of this partnership, V-SAFE was able to rent (at a reduced rental rate) exhaust emissions measuring instruments, which were then used to conduct the 2011 Baseline Study of gasoline-fueled vehicle exhaust emissions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. To learn more about this partnership, please Click here to read the news article and Click here to watch the video clip of the 2011 Baseline Study instrumentation, and technician/inspector training (they are in english).


Support Us

As a non-profit organization, we obtain support to serve the public solely from donations provided by interested and engaged partners who wish to advance our organizational mission of reducing vehicle-caused emissions in Ethiopia. Whether donations in the form of cash, test equipment, or personal expertise, if you wish to support and become a part of this grand organizational mission, we encourage you to contact us. 


V-SAFE is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


Please make checks payable to:

Vehicular-Smogless Air for Ethiopia (V-SAFE)

P.O. Box 293715
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United States:

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+251 932-29-81-40


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